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Cutting the bottom part of the pipe and a part of stairs. I have planned through the dimensions of the cross-floor bulkheads. At the moment my aim is to cut out all the metallic items from the observation tower. 

We have made some sky try-outs near the observation tower. There is a lantern shining, however, I do not see a big deal about it, assuming that it is possible to agree with the local management to set a motion detector. 

Today our friendly team have visited the future observatory, with the goal of performing a major cleanup. We have brushed the floor, took out all the scrap and set the locking mechanism on the door. Also, we had the first kick-off with the engineering team to discuss the matter of the preliminary construction stage.

It all began with the idea of ​​building a fully-featured amateur observatory. Not just any astro-barn but rather a place which would be high enough for astronomical work and observations.