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My dearest friends, today The Baltic Astronomy Club's get-together took place. 24 people participated. The first speaker proclaimed the positive metamorphoses in the life of the club as well as its plans for the nearest future. Also, we have heard of what the club has achieved during the previous year.

Next, an assistant professor at the Tallinn University of Technology - Mr. Vladislav-Veniamin Pustynski has made a presentation on a subject of the dark matter and the dark energy. A great host of questions from the audience there was, that Vladislav has brilliantly yet so simply explained and answered. This attitude prooves, that Vladislav is one of the most brilliant scientists in his field. I hope our club will get the chance to see him again.

A chairman and astrograph of the Abingdon astronomy club (UK) - Sir Clifford Marcus has shown us his excellent astrophotos, that he took with his telescope located in Spain. 

I am sure that the majority of our audience has immediately felt a sympathy to master Clifford. Some, maybe, even discovered a world of astrophotography for themselves. Moreover, each participant got a set of Sir Marcus's printed photos as a present. 

Thank you to everyone who has participated! And for those, who assisted to organize all the events. Jana Shestidesyatnaja and Aleksei Abramov, photographer - Ruslan Klok.