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 20 years have passed since I've entered the premises of the Tallinn's Observatory for the first time. I was occupied by the astronomy so, that listening to my heart, I took a bus at night to get to the Glehn's park, not knowing the exact location of the observation tower. I was wandering around in the dark woods, till finally found the facility.

Knocked on the iron door, and it was opened by the workers: Peep Kalv and Voldemar Harvig. I have explained to them that I am fond of Astronomy, that I always wanted to visit a true observatory and to watch scientists at work. I was somehow certain that I will not be asked to leave the building. And I was right - they let me in and gave some hot tea. I have seen the telescope, watched how they study the variable stars, found out in which research our Estonian scientists participate in. 


I remember the taste of excitement and victory. To me, it was a temple for the religious people. Later, I have visited other observatories. But this meeting had always the great significance to me! 

The last time I visited this observatory in 2013 (photo is attached). By that time the observatory was not operating. I am not sure about the possibility of this facility to be given to the astronomy amateurs, but it would be a wonderful beginning. It will bring no scientific benefit since the equipment is rather old, but to us - amateurs - it would be a perfect headquarters.