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The history of the Tallinn's Astronomy Club took place in 2000 (a New Millennium, huh?). It is just in this year when several astronomy amateurs decided to get together to discuss most actual topics in the field, during their divings into the science. 

Sometime after, a telescope (TAL2) was bought by one of the club's members. This 150mm Newton type telescope allowed us to pop in the universe for the first time. 

What goals were our brave explorers after?  Quite simple: to find all the accessible constellations in the northern hemisphere, to develop orientation skills via the star maps, to find big planets. Every new achievement has simply turned into a discovery for us.  What can be more rewarding than finding the Saturn or Jupiter for the first time!

Quite a significant event in the history of the club was to visit the Tartu Observatory. We were able to participate in the observations together with the workers of this fantastic facility. I still remember the observation subject that night: double symbiotic star CH Cyg.  


Also, a significant deed was to participate in the Moscow's Astro-fest.  Some quite saturated days with the like-minded people, lectures, observations via the scopes of the different calibre and plenty of new possibilities. 

At that moment our club counted 5 active members and a dozen of enthusiasts.  We've succeeded in meeting Estonian-speaking colleagues, and decided to create an astronomy society - Ridamus.  Society has excellently worked for a few years. Unfortunately, during the last years - the activity has stopped. A vacuum appeared in an area of an amateur astronomy. 

It was decided to reopen the Tallinn Astronomy Club in the year 2016. Like-minded people were collected via Facebook social network. At the moment of this article, there are 450 club members so far. 

Our club is, of course not limited by the means of social media. We are organizing the get-togethers and observations for the amateurs. Keeping the friendly cooperation and communication. There are special events for the children, who are interested in this field of science. Our goal is not only to study the universe, not only to extend our knowledge but to populate this science amongst the masses of people, who are interested to be amused by the beauty of the nature of our universe.