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Uus ASA DDM200 monteering on paigaldatud! Selle eesmärgini jõudmiseks kulus kõigest 2 aastat. Suur tänu kõigile neile, kes toetasid selle instrumendi soetamist Hooandjal, lisaks fondile "Leader", mis finantseeris 60% monteeringu maksumusest. Üheskoos kolonniga oli DDM200 maksumuseks 50000 eurot.
Monteeringul saavad olema järgmised seadmed:
1. GSO RC 12 tolli - visuaalne teleskoop
2. William Optics 132mm APO - apokromaat-astrograaf
3. ASA Newton 12 tolli - Njuuton süsteemi astrograaf
4. Skywatcher Esprit 120mm - planeerin seadme ümberehitust Päikese kromosfäärteleskoobiks
Kõikide nende seadmete abil saab meil olema võimalus jälgida öiseid objekte ja Päikest, lisaks sellele ka pildistada maailmaruumi. Meil saab olema võimalik hoomata suurt protsenti nähtavast taevalaotusest ning loomulikult jagades oma teadmisi näidata seda ka observatooriumi külastajatele, populariseerides seeläbi seda imelist teadusharu.
Seoses moderniseerimise teostusega on observatoorium hetkel suletud. Võtame rõõmuga vastu kõiki meie külalisi peale kõikide süsteemide paika seadistamist. Avamisest teatame sellel veebilehel.

It is to my great petty, that Tallinn's Observatory is non-operable during last few years. Some years in the past we had get-togethers at this facility. Nowadays we have no possibility to access it once more. We would undoubtedly found the ways to exploit it with the benefit for everyone, despite that this observation tower is kept in a city red-overexposure zone. This facility is not applicable for professional utilization, however, for the amateur purposes, it will serve quite well. 

Today's observation at Soodla. 7-8 participants. It was rather difficult to count the heads in the dark ;). 

An astrophotographer and just an excellent man - Sir Clifford Marcus (Abingdon Society, UK) has gifted a set of superb author astrophotos to our club. Very beautiful works! 

Aleksei did some observations (50km from Tallinn) 21.01.2017. He is preparing his telescope to work. 

Today, 11 people have participated in our club's get-together. Many thanks to everyone who had participated! It was twice positive to know that on a rare sunny-day in Tallinn, people preferred to spend it as a science day. 

Today, 19 people have participated at the Tallinn's astronomy club get-together. Thank you all for the participation! The following questions were at the agenda: 

We have performed another astrophotography session at our regular place at Soesauna on September 24th, 2017. This time, Vladimir was collecting the light of the M45 sky object, Aleksei took some starfields photos on a wide-angle lens.

Waiting for the Northern Lights on 29.03.2017. Unfortunately, these Northern Lights were not as good as the ones, that were observed the day before. The sky was green, yet nothing more than that. Clouds have appeared at around 23.00.

A get-together on a subject of astrophotography took place at the Gourmet Coffee, patronized by our dearest friend Sir Clifford Marcus of the Oxford University. We have also discussed and presented our Baltic Astronomy Club. Some of the folks even participated the second get-together on the next day. 15 participants altogether. 

On the 5th of April, we did a get-together not for the sake of observation but for testing our new equipment - Polemaster. This device serves as the most accurate pointing to the polar-axis. It has proven itself as quite a handy accessory, pointing accuracy is up to 30', plus the speed advantage. 

My dearest friends, today The Baltic Astronomy Club's get-together took place. 24 people participated. The first speaker proclaimed the positive metamorphoses in the life of the club as well as its plans for the nearest future. Also, we have heard of what the club has achieved during the previous year.

Aleksei M. and Vladimir G. participated.  Unfortunately, we were unable to conduct a full-scale observation due to the intense cloudiness. 

Our great thanks to Mr. Vladimir Goman for his devoted and notorious performance at the teacher's summit of the junior high school, that he has conducted in terms of our museum's info day. Everybody was happy, and it is quite possible that a talented astronomist will join our ranks in the nearest future.

Our old and new friends at the astro-get-together. August 2017. A night without dreams, hungry flies, Moon and the frog, double cluster in Perseus, galaxies, eternal M13, meteor shower, sun, Mafia (boardgame) and shish kebabs :)

Today our scopes are set to observe the Moon and the Jupiter. The sky is not ideal, a slight mist is observed. It is quite impossible to observe the other objects. But the planets of the solar system are perfectly seen. 

One of the last observations at Soodla, this season, took place on 20.07.2017. Thank you, Ruslan Klok for the photos!

Today, in Estonia, it was possible to observe a rare astro-phenomenon - the northern lights. You have to be far outside the city so that it would be possible to enjoy such a majestic view without urban lights.

Observation on May 12-13th. This is the first time when there were 3 telescopes for 4 people, all - Sky-Watchers though. All the shots are noisy since were shot in almost complete darkness with the ISO set at 124000.

During the regular observation, I have shot the video (that is sped up 8 times) on a subject of setting up the telescope.

In the real-time, it takes 35 minutes to set up the telescope and 25 minutes to configure its settings. About an hour in total - just in time for the telescope tube to become thermally-stabilized on cold.

Vladimir has shown the Sun to the colleagues at work via his telescope. Not a single spot, damn. 

A collaborative observation that we have named - Star Party, took place on Aprill 15th 2017. 11 club members participated altogether to enjoy the view of the clear star-sky, despite the April's frost. Some of them took their own telescopes and photo equipment.